Asbestos removal & replace, or asbestos restoration

We are the asbestos roofing industry leaders, and we have the ability to offer you two options when it comes to your asbestos roof. The choices are to either restore your asbestos roof, or asbestos removal and replacement of your roof. Asbestos roof restoration is a safe and aesthetically pleasing option for those on a budget..

What you may not know is that asbestos roofing is not harmful if it is not damaged and therefore does not need to be replaced. Restoring your asbestos roof will save you approximately 1/3 (one third) of the cost of re-roofing. Our asbestos coating system renders the asbestos sheet safe, water proof, heat reflective and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional benefits to asbestos roof restoration

  • We use scientifically formulated coating systems which are cost effective, visually appealing and prevent asbestos decay.
  • Our Energy Star asbestos coating system uses a solution that completely binds the asbestos fibres together to prevent erosion. This means, keeping an asbestos roof in a safe and working condition for many years is both viable and cost effective.
  • Our Energy Star asbestos coatings also reflect up to 50% of solar heat. The result is an insulating effect that will save you money on energy bills. It also means dark colours can now be cool colours.
  • Splits, fasteners and flashings are waterproofed ensuring a long term water tight roof.
  • The Energy Star asbestos coating system can be installed at the fraction of the cost of replacement, and without the inconvenience of asbestos removal, safety concerns and disruption to business or home life.
  • Our coating system renders the asbestos sheet safe, cool and aesthetically pleasing.

We'll come to you

Feel free to call us to discuss the cost of your asbestos roof renovation. One of our asbestos roof specialists will come to your location and tailor design the right solution for your asbestos roof. Our goal is always to ensure a water tight, energy efficient, and problem free roof for many years to come.

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