Ever since iron roofing was first introduced to Australian towns and cities in the mid nineteenth century our communities have trusted it to protect our dwellings and places of business – keeping our families and employees safe and secure in an often-harsh environment.

At a time when the colonization of Australia was expanding at its fastest the corrugated iron roof was a perfect fit for our pioneers. It was light weight, easy to transport, fireproof and in expensive. It was the perfect fit for a nation on the move.

Over time iron was replace by steel – steel is stronger, more resilient and much less likely to rust than iron. BlueScope Steel – the makers of Colorbond – are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of steel roofing offering proven technology with a complete warranty.

So, in a very competitive marketplace why would you invest in Australian steel rather than imported steel?

It’s widely accepted that the biggest competitor to Australian steel is Chinese steel and while Chinese steel is of a high standard there are differences in their manufacturing process that can undermine the overall strength of their steel which ultimately can lead to structural weaknesses or inadequacies which can potentially have devastating consequences. Colorbond Australian steel is tested in Australian conditions for durability, colour intensity and fade resistance. It is exposed to heat, cold, dust, rain, wind and hail. Australian steel must meet the highest of standards in all conditions – In construction there can be no compromises.

Australian standards are amongst the highest on the world ensuring the properties of Australian steel are second to none. All aspects of the steel manufacturing process from chemical composition and mechanical properties all the way through to delivery of quality are closely monitored to ensure the highest possible standards are met. The Australian steel industry is committed to the Australian worker demonstrating a strong commitment to safety as well as fair pay to all workers.

Buying local steel supports our local industry. Taking into account the utilization of a local workforce, investment in local technologies and the high quality of Australian workmanship our steel industry compares extremely favorably against foreign competition. Every 1000 tonnes of steelwork represents 60 local jobs and around 2 million dollars of tax revenue to the Australian government.

Locally sourced steel comes with the surety of supply and with this surety comes the flexibility associated with local road, rail and sea transport. Regular face to face meetings between the manufacturers and resellers ensures that the needs of the local market are always being met – all parties can quickly adapt to a changing marketplace and changes can be quickly made. Local supply and purchasing provides significant project savings – due to easier supply there is less inventory to manage, and local fabricators can respond quickly and cost effectively to source material as required.

And of course, taking advantage of Australian Steel is better for our environment. Australia adheres to the strongest environmental regulations, and we insist that our manufacturers and supply chain are committed to these standards – a level of commitment that is not always demonstrated by overseas steel manufacturers and suppliers. Using Australian steel lessens the likely hood of supporting steelmakers with much less rigorous environmental standards.

Imported steel is not worth the risk – Australian steel should be your only choice!



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