Your Options for Roof Ventilation

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Roof insulation helps to reflect heat, but can be a drawback by sealing air and moisture in. The ideal solution is a combination of insulation and ventilation.

Is a metal roof more energy efficient than tile?

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is a metal roof more energy efficient than tile? contact us Yes, it sure is! A metal roof is more energy-efficient than a tile roof. This is because metal is a highly reflective material that reflects sunlight and heat away from the roof, which helps to keep the interior of the house cooler. However, a […]

What is the best roof vent?

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The best type of roof vent and the only one we recommend and install is a thermostatically controlled solar roof vent.

What are the benefits of a roof blanket?

A roof blanket can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home or building by reducing the amount of heat that is transferred through the roof. This can help to lower your energy bills and make your indoor spaces more comfortable.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Whirlybirds

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One of the most popular options for roof ventilation is the commonly seen whirlybird. A whirlybird is a cylindrical dome that spins in the wind, creating a vacuum which extracts warm air from the roof cavity. Whirlybirds are popular because they’re cheap, easy to install, and require little to no maintenance once installed.