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Celebrating 100 Years with Lysaght

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To say that steel runs in the blood of Roof & Render SA Director, Ben Mann, is an understatement.

Ben is the fourth generation ‘Mann’ working in the family business which began in 1921, coincidentally, that’s also the first year in which Lysaght started manufacturing in Australia.

Australian Steel Vs Imported Steel

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Ever since iron roofing was first introduced to Australian towns and cities in the mid nineteenth century our communities have trusted it to protect our dwellings and places of business – keeping our families and employees safe and secure in an often-harsh environment.

What to look for when choosing the best roofer?

A roof is perhaps the most important investment you make in your home – it protects your house from the elements such as rain, sunlight and sleet, as well as thousands of dollars in repairs that can be caused from a simple storm or leak.

Do I need to replace my roof in Adelaide?

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Our roofing contractors will attend your home to provide a free no obligation roofing quote and assess your property. Find out what exactly needs to be done today and contact us to make the best investment for your home.