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Do I Need To Replace My Roof in Adelaide?

Roof Replacement in Adelaide from Only $75 Per Week. Choose From Colorbond, Bluescope Steel, Tile, and Remove Asbestos Roofing. 

Does your home need a roof replacement?

If you think your home in Adelaide requires re-roofing or roof replacement, ask the experts with 98 years of experience for help. Our roofing contractors have carried out hundreds of roof replacement projects for South Australian families.

Take advantage of efficient, professional and friendly service that includes:

  • 10 year workmanship guarantee;
  • 30 year material warranty;
  • Keeping and often exceeding promised deadlines; and
  • Getting it right the first time.

With more than four generations of roof replacement experience, we pride ourselves on achieving the highest standards of workmanship in South Australia. Roof replacement is our passion and our number one priority. Our experts can solve your roofing problems at affordable prices starting from only $75 per week. We are also one of a few roofing companies in South Australia that are licensed builders specialising in roofing as well.

Free Roof Quotations

Our roofing contractors will attend your home to provide a free no obligation roofing quote and assess your property. Find out what exactly needs to be done today and contact us to make the best investment for your home. Not only will a new roof increase your resale value, but with a Colorbond roof you can personalise your home to reflect who you are.

Many Roofing Styles to Choose From

A modern roof replacement can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. If you have an old, damaged or neglected roof, Roof & Render SA can transform it with:

  1. Colorbond roof replacement;
  2. Metal roof replacement;
  3. Remove asbestos roofing; or
  4. Tiled roof replacement.

Our Adelaide roofing team will remove and recycle your old roofing tiles, iron roofing, shingles or asbestos roofing and replacement it with the highest quality Bluescope steel (made in Australia) or Colorbond steel. These amazing materials will last a life time, and can even survive the harshest conditions, including high winds and bush fires. You’ll be surprised to find out how durable a Colorbond roof is and with 26 colours to choose from you can really make it your own.

Our dedication to using only the finest materials and dedication to after installation service means that your problematic roof will only be a bad memory.

Types of Roofs in Adelaide

Roof replacements in Adelaide come in different types of materials. The most popular materials used in roof replacements are Colorbond, Metal, or Tiles. Some older homes may have asbestos roofing, which we recommend having professionally removed by a licensed asbestos roof replacement company, like Roof & Render SA. .

In the following sections, we’ll consider the wide variety of roofing materials that are available to you. Whilst there are many types to choose from, and each its own unique selling points.

Colorbond Roofing

Colorbond roofing is one of the most popular options, and is also best material to work with for several reasons.

  1.  It’s lightweight – since Colorbond roofing comes in long sheets, the weight is distributed across a wider area which means unlike tiled roofs, your underlying structure won’t have to be reinforced to support additional weight. This also makes it easier to work.
  2. It doesn’t crack – picture this, having to climb up on your roof only to hear a gut wrenching *crunch*, which likely means your roof tile(s) have cracked. Unlike terracotta roof tiles, Colorbond is made of treated zinc-aluminium that won’t crack when stepped on.
  3. It’s stylish – your home is an extension of your personality and style. If you really want to make your house a home, Colorbond roofing comes in over 20 different colours to choose from.
  4. It’s durable – by now you can probably see we’re a bit biased toward Colorbond roofing, but for good reason. The average melting point of steel higher than molten lava, or even fiercest bushfire. Not only do we install Colorbond roofing with a special fire retardant under layer, but your new roof will also shrug off lightning strikes.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing comes in a variety of materials including aluminum, copper, and steel. You may even see much older homes with tin roofing.  Metal roofs remain a popular option for a variety of reasons:

  1. They’re solid – a metal roof provides solid hail protection and impact resistance at a competitive price.
  2. It’s insulated – metal roofing has changed a lot over the last few decades and now provides improved insulation with sun reflective coating. 
  3. It’s environmentally friendly – metal roofing can be made of anywhere between 25% to 95% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life span.
  4. It’s durable – they are extremely durable, non-combustible, will not rust and are built to last over 50 years

Tiled Roof

Tiled roofing remains widely used in South Australia and chances are some older homes in your neighbourhood may still be covered in terracotta (clay), cement or concrete tiles. Whilst tiled roofs offer dependable thermal and acoustic insulation there are some limitations:

  1. Tiled roofing provides a classic, yet dated appearance. Unlike Colorbond roofing, you do not have over 20 colours to choose from – which eventually can undermine the resale value of your home.
  2. Tiled roofing lasts over fifty years, but costs more to repair than metal roofing. In fact, over their lifespan, repairs end up costing more than the initial cost of metal roofing.
  3. Tiles are brittle and are prone to cracking. They may even become dislodged by high winds and turn into potent missiles.
  4. They are a breeding ground for moss – Mother Nature is anything if not persistent. If your roof is tree shaded and facing north, moss will quickly spread and fill in gaps between shingles and tiles. Over time, this will heave up shingles and allow rainwater and moisture to penetrate and cause decay.

Get Started with a Roof Replacement

At Roof & Render SA, we have over 98 years of experience, and believe that quality should never be sacrificed for cost. If you’re worried about the cost of a new roof, you can get started from as little as $75 per week. We offer unmatched expertise that is sure to leave you extremely satisfied with your roof replacement.

Can I Finance My Roof?

“You get what you pay for.”

This principle applies to most things in life, including roof replacements.

If you’re reading this right now, chances are your roof may have seen better days and you’re wondering how to pay for a new roof. Whilst you can take measures to save costs, such as using less expensive materials, the long term costs often outweigh the short term benefits. With roofing, it’s important not to skip out on quality; otherwise you will end up paying for it later down the road.

Most People Can’t Afford to Pay For a New Roof Right Away

We understand the situation you
may be fine – it’s a big ask to build a new roof for most families, and not
everyone has thousands of dollars lying around. Often times, a roof replacement
is an unexpected expense, and necessity.

After all, without a solid roof
over your head, your contents, family, and largest asset are exposed to the elements.
This begs the question – how can I finance my roof?

After 98 years of business, we have met South Australia families that find themselves asking this question. Often times, they are in desperate need of a roof replacement and are worried about the initial outlay. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Roof Replacement Financing

We’ve made applying for roof replacement financing easy. For as little as $75 per week, you can have a new roof built that will last a lifetime. We strongly believe that you should never have to sacrifice quality for cost, especially when your home is on the line. To get started, all you have to do is provide your basic details to take advantage of our special fixed rate of 7.99%*.

No Impact on Credit Score

Applying for roof replacement financing will not affect your credit score and you are under no obligation to take out a loan. What’s even better is you’ll receive a discounted interest rate versus the comparison rate of 10.79% assuming a 7 year loan period.

No Hidden Fees

There are absolutely no hidden
fees – this means no monthly account keeping fees, no exit fees, and no early
repayment fees.

Choose Your Repayment Period

Managing your roof replacement
finance loan is also easier than ever. No more messy paper trails – you can
manage everything online, set your repayment schedule (weekly, fortnightly, or
monthly) and choose a fixed repayment period between 1 to 7 years.

We’ve teamed up with our partner Our Money Market and their Handypay system pre-approved home improvement finance. All you need to do is a book a consultation with us safe in knowledge that you have the funds you need.  If you’ve been putting off a roof replacement, now is the best time to start.


* Pricing is based on a monthly fixed agreement. Application fees may apply. Monthly instalments are indicative only and subject to application and credit approval.


Here’s Why Colorbond Roof Replacements Are Popular in Adelaide.

Colorbond roof replacements are the best choice for homes in Adelaide. In this article, we explore why you should consider replacing your roof with Colorbond.

Colorbond Metal Roofing has protected South Australian families for over thirty years. In fact, it is one of the most advanced roofing materials in the world. If you’re considering a Colorbond roof replacement in Adelaide, we’ll provide you with a free on-site roofing quote and you’ll be pre-approved for low finance.

With unpredictable weather, a Colorbond roof can offer unparalleled certainty and also add value to your home. The South Australian climate can throw unpredictable conditions at your home including torrential rain, hailstorms, gusty winds, lightning strikes and even bushfires. However, a Colorbond roof replacement protects you against these dangers and more.

Colorbond roofs feature a beautiful oven baked finish that protects you and your family in any weather. In addition to lasting almost a life-time, a Colorbond roof is installed using continuous sheets. This means your roof will always be watertight while providing an impenetrable barrier that protects against flying debris, burning embers, and falling branches.

Safety aside, Colorbond roofing also comes in a wide range of beautiful colours that add to the character of your home. Not only do you have a great choice of colours, but your home will also look modern. Select from a range of 20 fashionable colours to suit any style, landscape, and home.

If the durability and aesthetic appeal of a Colorbond roof replacement isn’t enough, you will also benefit from an unbeatable manufacturer warranty of 36 years, and a 10 year workmanship warranty.

Roof & Render SA is not only Adelaide’s most experienced roofing company, but we take personal pride in every roof replacement we undertake because we treat your home like our own. When you buy Colorbond steel, you are buying not only peace of mind, but the highest quality steel made by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers.

A Colorbond Roof Replacement is a popular choice because:

  • You are protected by a 36 years BlueScope Steel warranty
  • Light colours of Colorbond metal roofing lowers the heat in your attic space
  • Colorbond roofing comes in 20 colours and is versatile enough to suit any style of home
  • Durable oven baked finish that is corrosion resistant
  • Offers better protection from the elements with continuous sheeting
  • Resistant against chipping, cracking, peeling and warping
  • Built from non-combustible materials and is termite resistant
  • Provides a tough barrier to shield your home from flying debris, fire, lightning, falling branches, moss, hail and wind
  • Offers a secure burglar proof barrier

When it comes to your next roof replacement project, make the smart choice and choose Colorbond metal roofing.

Five Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof Replacement

5 Reasons To Consider a Roof Replacement by Roof & Render SA, Adelaide’s #1 Roof Replacement Company.

You should consider a metal roof replacement if the roof on your house in Adelaide is showing its age. If you’re reading this, chances are your old concrete tile or asbestos roof has seen better days, and you may be considering a roof replacement. Get a free roofing quote and replace your old roof in Adelaide today by contacting South Australia’s leading roof replacement contractors. You’ll even be pre-approved for finance.

If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons why you should consider a roof replacement.

1) Metal roof replacements look new for longer

Colorbond metal roofing in Adelaide can be supplied in a variety of natural and contemporary colours. Metal roofing is far better than concrete tiles which quickly fade and become discoloured by weathering. A Colorbond roof will retain its colour for many years to come. Plus, all our roof replacements also come with a 10 year workmanship warranty. When we start work on your roof, we treat your home as though it were our own.

2) Metal roofing is quicker to install

Metal roofing not only lasts longer, but it’s also quicker to install. This is because metal roofing comes in large panels or sheets. Whilst tiled roofing materials are heavy and fragile, metal roof replacement materials are lightweight, assemble quicker and hassle-free. Think about it, roof tiles fit together like pieces of a puzzle, which means your roofing contractor needs to be on-site for longer, fitting each piece together. Further, structural reinforcement to your property may be needed to support the heavy weight of a concrete tile roof. That’s why it’s a smart choice to choose a Colorbond roof replacement for your home in Adelaide.

3) A Colorbond replacement is fire retardant

Metal roofing provides better protection from fire, especially if you live in a bushfire prone area. In the event of a bushfire or lightning strike, a metal roof will not catch fire or melt. Instead, burning debris slides off your sloped metal roof, instead of falling into your home. Our metal roofing includes a fire retardant under-layer that prevents embers from blowing under your roof and into your attic. While concrete tiles may be fire retardant, they often crack under excessive heat which leaves your roof space exposed.

4) A metal roof replacement keeps moss and vegetation away

With over 97 years of roofing experience, we’ve seen it all, and one sight we’re all too familiar with is moss growing on tiled roofs. Moss spores readily colonize tiled roof surfaces, and grow into a thick green carpet that retains rainwater. Eventually, moss will find its way under roof tiles, and this lets water into your roof space where it becomes damp. However, a metal roof replacement provides a slick surface that prevents invasive vegetation from growing. If you’d like to avoid time-consuming moss removal, and keep your roof space dry, we strongly recommend a metal roof replacement.

5) Metal roofing lasts longer and is more durable

Investing in a new roof for your Adelaide home is considerable investment. Therefore, it’s crucial that your choice material is built to last. A metal roof replacement is guaranteed to greatly out-last a tiled roof. Generally, a metal roof will last about seventy years, whereas a tile roof will be lucky to last fifty years. Another great reason to consider a metal roof replacement is that metal roofing won’t crack, won’t corrode, and can withstand winds up to 220 km/h. Not even the worst hail-storms can penetrate your metal roof, whereas concrete tiles are may crack or become dislodged by high winds.

Start the New Year with a new roof and contact Adelaide’s most experienced roofing company today for a free roofing quote.

3 Reasons to Replace Your Roof in Adelaide | Roof & Render SA

Roof Replacements – 3 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Roof Today.

3 reasons to replace your roof in Adelaide today: prevent structural failure, remove asbestos & prevent fire risks. Get pre-approved finance.

When renovating your home, the most obvious area to replace is often overlooked. Replacing your aging roof is essential as the years move on, not only for structural integrity and resale value, but for your health. Here are 3 reasons why a delay in replacing your old roof might negatively impact on your long-term health.

Water Damage

Water damage not only devalues your most prized asset, it can also cause multiple health issues— and serious ones. The silent nature of water often means extensive damage occurs over long periods of time. Once noticed in the roof cavity, it often means pricy repair bills and sometimes an entirely new structure. It also means an ideal environment for mould and mildew to grow—a fungus that can cause life threatening respiratory illnesses. Pre-existing conditions like asthma and bronchitis are also exacerbated.

Among other hazards, such as structural integrity due to persistent and unchecked leaks, water damage can wreak havoc on electrical components often hidden away in roof cavities. If your home is like most in Adelaide, it was likely built long before you purchased it. It makes sense to hire a qualified roofing contractor in Adelaide to replace your ageing tile or asbestos roof with a Colorbond steel roof. Not only does a Colorbond roof look great, but it lasts almost a life-time.

Asbestos Risk 

Lightweight asbestos roofing was considered a modern engineering marvel and credited with providing lightweight and affordable roofing. However, with the added convenience and affordability came with a dangerous price. Damaged asbestos roofing materials can cause serious health impacts for individuals who are exposed to airborne micro particles. If you are looking for an asbestos removalist company in Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place. We are one of a few roofing companies in Adelaide licensed to perform their own asbestos removals.

Today, asbestos roofing is still a real threat to home owners of older houses. Used predominantly prior to 1987, asbestos was a commonly used material for construction because of its insulating and waterproof properties, and affordability. Even into the 1990s, products containing asbestos were used in items such as brake pads, flooring and wall lining.

The cancer causing asbestos can be found in both corrugated roofing sheets and shingles, as well as ceiling insulation, and is responsible for some 10 000 deaths; with a predicted 45 000 more deaths in the near decades, asbestos is still a very real problem. Minimal exposure to asbestos from airborne particles can be detrimental to those exposed, hence the urgency to remove the silent killer. Organising inspections and hiring a licensed asbestos removalist company in Adelaide to remove your asbestos roofing is paramount.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are self-explanatory in that we all know what fire can do, but what causes these fire hazards in the first place? By putting off a much needed roof replacement, holes and damage in shingles, tiles and Colorbond allow for rain and rodents to creep in. Water trickling into the cavity of a roof can create electrical hazards with the circuitry and panel boxes, while rodents and birds nesting in the roof can also create fire hazards as well as other health hazards.

Holes in the roof also provide space for flying embers to get in, so if you’re in a bushfire prone area, it might be time to re-evaluate the condition of your roof.

Knowing when your roof was installed will give you insight into potential problem areas, especially concerning asbestos exposure. For water damage of any kind, signs of rotting boards, sagging roof lines and trapped moisture indicate bigger problems; if moss is growing on your roof; a mould/mildew problem grows exponentially.

An aging roof requiring replacement needs quick attention. If in doubt about your roof’s integrity, seek advice from a reputable roof specialist today.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Roofer?

A roof is perhaps the most important investment you make in your home – it protects your house from the elements such as rain, sunlight and sleet, as well as thousands of dollars in repairs Read More

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

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Roof & Render SA is a family owned business established in Adelaide back in 1921 providing old fashioned customer service and advice. We are Adelaide’s most experienced when it comes to Roofing. We employee all our trades to ensure you a quality finish, back all our work with a 10 year warranty and guarantee our customer service, so you can be confident when choosing Roof & Render SA.

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