If you have a tiled roof that needs repairs, you’ll want to read this.

Roof & Render SA has been in the roofing industry since 1921. Since then, we’ve observed that a tile roof normally lasts as long as the life of a structure. During that time, you will usually require one reroof. If your home currently has a clay or tile roof, you should note that throughout its life, minor repairs may be needed. This ensures your home remains protected from the elements. However, over tiled roof repairs may end up costing you more than a metal roof replacement.

We know what you may be thinking, why should I pay an Adelaide roofing contractor when I can replace roof tiles by myself? Although we’re big fans of DIY projects, we’ve seen the results of improper work all too often. For example, improper foot traffic, and severe impacts or force on roof tiles may result in leaks of breakage which requires further repairs. If you are considering tile roof replacements, it pays to keep the following in mind:

1 – Tile roofs are made from natural materials. As a result, you’ll notice variations in colour depending on when the tiles were manufactured. Even the area where the raw materials were sourced may impact the look of your roof tiles.

2 – Dirt build up, weathering, and exposure to harsh elements in addition to the age of your roof tiles will affect colour matching. If you’re worried about getting the best fit and finish, we’ve got you covered. We can supply and install a range of contemporary and classic colours. Although, we do recommend replacing your tiled roofs with a metal Colorbond® roof. Not only is it lighter, but with a Colorbond® steel roof you’ll receive colour that lasts a lifetime and is impervious to weathering.

3 – Although colour is a big concern when repairing and replacing roof tiles, its important to ensure structural integrity remains uncompromised. To avoid any issues, make sure to use replacement tiles that are the exact same size. If you end up mixing roof tile sizes, you’ll not only end up with a patchwork of tiles, but also potential breaking and leaks. In the end, this will only lead to extra roof replacements. When selecting your next tile roofs, keep in mind a Colorbond® roof replacement is resistant to coting when drilled, cut, or scratched.

4 – Once you’ve picked your replacement tiles, and check to make sure the weather is suitable. Always have a spotter holding your ladder when you climb, and make sure to wear adequate footwear. If you can tether yourself to the roof, do it! Do not attempt to remove cracked roof tiles from your roof if there is inclement weather. Also, make sure to only remove the number of tiles that you can replace or repair in one day. The last thing you want is to leave your home exposed.

5 – If you’re still convinced that a tiled roof is right for you despite its increased weight and propensity to cracking, then make sure your to take good care of it. We recommend working with a licensed builder specialising in roofing (like us), to conduct yearly inspections. A bit of preventative maintenance will always pay off dividends down the line.

If you are looking for tiled roof replacements, contact Adelaide’s most experienced roofing company today. Our roofing specialists have more experience than any other company in Adelaide and throughout South Australia.  Home improvement and roof services have been in our blood for more than three generations. Our workmanship is guaranteed and we always get it right the first time.

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