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Yes, Roof & Render SA is fully licenced and insured.

Builders Licence #263227
Public Liability Insurance
Asbestos Removal Licence
Return to Work SA Certificate
HIA Member Certificate
Lysaght Approved Contractor
Astec Trained Applicator
EPA Licence #40602

You can view all our certificates and licences here on our website


Our family has been in the roofing business since 1921. Running the family business today is 4th generation Ben Mann. Ben is passionate about his family business and is focused on ensuring every customer gets the best service, and a quality long-lasting product. The Mann family have  maintained a strong reputation over the past 100 years and continue to do so today.

It is hard to choose a professional roofer by only looking at an estimate and comparing prices. Allow yourself an hour, more or less, to sit down with each contractor in person. You might be speaking with a salesperson, roofing specialist or even the owner. All of which you need to take time with to ask the right questions and explore the possibilities.

We have made this process easy for you and put together a booklet 5 questions you must ask a roofer before you sign.


Roof & Render SA is a company. When dealing with a company you have peace of mind knowing they will be there when you need them. Choosing to work with an established business with its own office location and product showroom will give you the ability to follow-up on the job at any time before, during and after completion. 

No, you can carry on with everyday life whilst your roof is being replaced.


Work will not commence if rain or severe weather is forecast. Our teams work in sections and don't strip the entire roof at one time, meaning the roof is watertight at the end of each day without heavy reliance on tarps. We will always ensure your roof is watertight before we leave each day.

Depends who you ask is one answer but each has advantages and disadvantages.

  • A new Colorbond® roof is lighter than tiles so it is a good option on old roof where the roof or building structure has begun to sag, crack or twist under the weight of the old tiled roof.
  • A new Colorbond® roof will also tend to tie the whole roof together making it stronger.
  • A Colorbond® roof is energy efficient.
  • A Colorbond® roof offers added security and protection.
  • Home insurance of a Colorbond® roof can be cheaper.
  • A Colorbond® roof is very low maintenance.
  • A tiled roof is more susceptible to severe hail damage than a metal roof as even new tiles can crack with good size hail, whereas the metal may be dented, but not break.
  • Steel roofing is also more versatile. It can be used on any pitch and made into all kinds of shapes.
  • And arguably, a new Colorbond® roof just looks a lot better!


roof replacement

Colorbond® steel comes in a range of 22 designer colours and offers a classic and contemporary colour palette to enhance the beauty of your home. Now you can choose a roof colour that sets the theme for your whole home or complements it.

Experience the Roof & Render SA difference in our interactive showroom. Our consultants can help you ‘mix and match’ roof colours with gutters and fascias against the exterior walls of your home by simply using a photo! If you'd like to see the entire colour range in our showroom, contact us and book in a visit.

 You can also download the brochure and be inspired.

Colorbond® steel is Australian, made in Australia and is built for Australian conditions. With the Australian climate facing some pretty challenging weather conditions from extremes of heat and cold, to dust, rain, wind and hail, it’s good to know that Colorbond® steel undergoes extreme testings in these environments.

Colorbond® steel is great for fire protection, energy efficient, durable, easy to maintain and is backed with a warranty of up to 45 years.

You can make sure you’re getting the genuine article by looking out for the COLORBOND® steel branding on the product, or its packaging.

For roofing, check for the ink branding on the reverse side of the sheet.

It pays to check that you are getting what you’ve paid for and that the materials used are going to live up to the task – especially if they are protecting your investment from the Australian elements, which put all building materials to the toughest of tests.

Yes, there is! And they are cheaper than Colorbond® which sometimes explains a cheaper quote. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper quote, imported products don’t come with a warranty and are not Australian made or tested to Australian conditions. Imported products have a tendency to fade quicker, which means the money you saved in the first instance will need to go towards fixing or recolouring your roof; this can be avoided by using a certified installer. Roof & Render SA only use BHP Australian made Colorbond® steel to ensure our customer expectations are met every time and the longevity of your roof is guaranteed.

We use and strongly recommend strong and timeless, corrugated roofing. We use Stratco Maximus roof cladding which features a deeper 22mm corrugated profile for increased strength and impact resistance. We are a certified Colorbond® installers. Being backed by the manufacturer enables us to supply a 20-year water tight guarantee along with a Colorbond® warranty of up to 45 years.

The cost to replace your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range of factors such as access, how steep the roof is, whether guttering and insulation is to be done at the same time to name a few. Basically, every roof is different so an experienced estimator will come out, at a time that suits you, and provide a free quote that will tell you exactly how much it will cost to replace your roof.


roof restoration

The cost to restore your roof can vary considerably depending on a whole range a factors such as access, how steep the roof is, what condition it is in, and any repairs that need to be done first. As licenced metal roofers we are able to advise and complete any repairs that are needed to Australian standards. Some roof restoration companies are actually just painting companies who do roof painting and call it roof restoration. We do what is needed to restore your roof and the paint we use is Astec Energy Star Heat Reflective Paint specifically developed for roofing applications.

A typical household can save up to 50% of their air conditioning power bills as they will tend to use the air conditioner a lot less. Some clients have reported no longer needing to use their air conditioner at all, but a lot depends on your specific location and building type among other things to consider.

Heat Reflective Paint works by reflecting the suns energy before it can hit the roofing material – kind of like a reflective shade for you roof. This means that your roof is cooler, meaning your roof space (if any) is cooler which in turn keeps your house cooler! And it is surprisingly effective in doing so. There is a lot of technical information and test results available from Astec paints if you would like more information.