5 Reasons To Consider a Roof Replacement by Roof & Render SA, Adelaide’s #1 Roof Replacement Company.

You should consider a metal roof replacement if the roof on your house in Adelaide is showing its age. If you’re reading this, chances are your old concrete tile or asbestos roof has seen better days, and you may be considering a roof replacement. Get a free roofing quote and replace your old roof in Adelaide today by contacting South Australia’s leading roof replacement contractors. You’ll even be pre-approved for finance.

If you’re still on the fence, here are five reasons why you should consider a roof replacement.

1) Metal roof replacements look new for longer

Colorbond metal roofing in Adelaide can be supplied in a variety of natural and contemporary colours. Metal roofing is far better than concrete tiles which quickly fade and become discoloured by weathering. A Colorbond roof will retain its colour for many years to come. Plus, all our roof replacements also come with a 10 year workmanship warranty. When we start work on your roof, we treat your home as though it were our own.

2) Metal roofing is quicker to install

Metal roofing not only lasts longer, but it’s also quicker to install. This is because metal roofing comes in large panels or sheets. Whilst tiled roofing materials are heavy and fragile, metal roof replacement materials are lightweight, assemble quicker and hassle-free. Think about it, roof tiles fit together like pieces of a puzzle, which means your roofing contractor needs to be on-site for longer, fitting each piece together. Further, structural reinforcement to your property may be needed to support the heavy weight of a concrete tile roof. That’s why it’s a smart choice to choose a Colorbond roof replacement for your home in Adelaide.

3) A Colorbond replacement is fire retardant

Metal roofing provides better protection from fire, especially if you live in a bushfire prone area. In the event of a bushfire or lightning strike, a metal roof will not catch fire or melt. Instead, burning debris slides off your sloped metal roof, instead of falling into your home. Our metal roofing includes a fire retardant under-layer that prevents embers from blowing under your roof and into your attic. While concrete tiles may be fire retardant, they often crack under excessive heat which leaves your roof space exposed.

4) A metal roof replacement keeps moss and vegetation away

With over 97 years of roofing experience, we’ve seen it all, and one sight we’re all too familiar with is moss growing on tiled roofs. Moss spores readily colonize tiled roof surfaces, and grow into a thick green carpet that retains rainwater. Eventually, moss will find its way under roof tiles, and this lets water into your roof space where it becomes damp. However, a metal roof replacement provides a slick surface that prevents invasive vegetation from growing. If you’d like to avoid time-consuming moss removal, and keep your roof space dry, we strongly recommend a metal roof replacement.

5) Metal roofing lasts longer and is more durable

Investing in a new roof for your Adelaide home is considerable investment. Therefore, it’s crucial that your choice material is built to last. A metal roof replacement is guaranteed to greatly out-last a tiled roof. Generally, a metal roof will last about seventy years, whereas a tile roof will be lucky to last fifty years. Another great reason to consider a metal roof replacement is that metal roofing won’t crack, won’t corrode, and can withstand winds up to 220 km/h. Not even the worst hail-storms can penetrate your metal roof, whereas concrete tiles are may crack or become dislodged by high winds.

Start the New Year with a new roof and contact Adelaide’s most experienced roofing company today for a free roofing quote.



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