What are the Costs of a Roof Restoration?

The cost of a roof restoration will depend on a number of factors including the size of the roof, the location, pitch, materials used and materials that need to be disposed of.  What is most important is that if you restore your roof BEFORE water has a chance to get in, your roof restoration costs will be a fraction what a complete roof replacement will look like.

Roof and Render offers high quality and ‘energy efficient’ roof restoration in Adelaide and the major towns of South Australia. Our aim is to not only aesthetically improve the look and value of your home for many years to come, but to ensure your home is energy efficient saving you money in the long term.

Roof and Render’s roof restoration processes and heat reflective coatings are designed for Adelaide’s ever vacillating temperature ranges with a water tight roof seal.

Roof Restoration Costs

Your roof restoration costs will be determined by these three main factors:

  • Roof tile restoration
  • Colorbond roof restoration
  • Asbestos roof restoration

Whether you have a tiled roof that has deteriorated over time, a colorbond roof that has faded or an old asbestos roof, it is very important to maintain your roof seal as it prevents water from entering your home. Many of our customers call us when the damage has already been done, after water has entered the property causing more problems and costs than first needed. Roof restoration in Adelaide is a fraction of the cost of roof replacement, so don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Adelaide's No 1 Energy Star applicator

We pride ourselves in being SA’s largest Energy Star company that uses Astec Energy Star products. Energy Star is the only product that has been Code Mark Certified to provide superior heat reflection where others only lay claim to this. Only Roof and Render the roof restoration Adelaide professionals can!

Asbestos roof restoration Adelaide

What you may not know is that asbestos roofing is not harmful if it is not damaged. If the asbestos is not damaged it does not need to be replaced. Restoring your asbestos roof will save you a third of the cost of re-roofing. Our asbestos coating system renders the asbestos sheet safe, cool, aesthetically pleasing and with a water tight roof seal.


The old home in this photo has damaged asbestos shingles. A colorbond roof replacement ends up transforming this Adelaide home.

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Our Adelaide restoration specialists come to you FREE

Would you like one of our restoration specialists to come to your location? we offer this as a free service. Our specialist will tailor design your roof restoration, ensuring a water tight roof seal and an energy efficient, problem free roof for many years to come.

Why Roof and Render? - What is our point of difference

  • We only use Energy Star heat reflective coatings which reflect up to 50% of solar heat, insulating your home and saving you money on energy bills. It means that dark colours can now also be cool colours.
  • Our Energy Star coatings are resistant to mould and dirt pick up, is tough, yet flexible because it remains cool. Testing has shown it will last up to eight times longer than all conventional exterior acrylic roof paint providing the ultimate roof seal.
  • Restoring your roof will eliminate the chance of unwanted leaking for many years.
  • Your home is a valuable asset and restoring your roof using heat reflective coatings is a great investment. Restoration will improve not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also the insulation properties adding value to your home.
  • We offer a free no obligation roof inspection service. Our roof restoration Adelaide sales manager will inspect your roof and recommend the best course of action to return your roof to its former glory.
  • We provide a 10 year warranty on our products and workmanship and employ only the highest licensed and qualified tradesmen.

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