The Australian climate is a fearsome as it is beautiful. It goes without saying then,  that your roof is your first line of defence against mother nature. Not only does your roof protect you from the rain, extreme wind and rain, but also damaging hail.

It takes a beating every single day. In time, your roof will need restoration, replacement or repair. But, how can you tell if its the right time for a full roof restoration? We’ve got the answer for you. We’ve seen it all after 97 years and 4 generations of roofing. Below are 7 tell-a-tale signs that your home needs roof restoration.

1 – The Inside Of Your Home

This one is a dead give away. Look at your roof from the inside of your home. You can do this by going into the attic or looking at the roof cavity. This is what you should watch out for:

1) Dark spots indicating water damage (and sooner than later: mould)

2) Trails indicating water damage

3) Signs of light coming through the roof.

If you notice water coming through your roof, you may get away with a roof repair. But, timing is crucial. If the affected areas are many, its time for roof restoration.

2 – Check the outside of your home

We always recommend using a ladder and having someone holding the base. Get up on the roof, and have a good look at from the outside. If you have a steep roof, we don’t recommend climbing it. We have the equipment and expertise to do this for you and our roof inspections are affordable. Don’t risk personal injury and always take care walking on your roof. If you’re certain its safe and have a spotter, keep an eye out for:

1) curled or worn shingles

2) mould, moisture, rot, animal nesting

3) examine down-pipes and gutters for damage and wear

3 – Sagging

Keep an eye out for a sagging roof when inspecting from the inside and outside. Sagging is a certain sign of roof damage and requires roof replacement. We do not recommend DIY roof replacements.

4 – If you have an older roof

A roof should last up to 25 years. As it ages, it requires periodic maintenance and repairs. You wouldn’t leave your car sitting in the sun for 25 years without giving it some TLC, the same applies for your roof. If your roof is between 12-15 years old, and needs frequent repairs, its time for roof restoration.

Don’t panic.

Roof restoration costs less than roof replacement. It also saves you more money down the road compared to frequent repair. A good rule of thumb is to replace your home every 20 years.

5 – Roof Flashing

Older homes have tar or cement roof flashings. Over time, these materials break down, resulting in cracks, breaks and worn areas. We recommend replacing flashings with metal to avoid leaks and premature restoration /replacement.

6) Signs of Corrosion

Corrosion is a sign that water is gathering around metal fasteners and fittings. Keep an eye out for any area on your roof close to metal. Look inside and outside. If you notice corrosion, have a closer look. Do you notice paint flaking off? Is timber rotting? You should replace corroded metal components if there are further signs of damage. Corroded metal is nowhere as strong as hard steel or iron. A licensed roofing company such as Roof & Render SA can help you with this. Our roof restoration experts worked with every kind of roofing material in the last 97 years.

7) If You Have a Tiled Roof

Finally, if you have a tiled roof you should keep an eye out for broken tiles and replace them immediately. Although tiled roofs are heavier, you won’t need a complete roof replacement. But, if you overlook roof tile restoration, water will rot the timber supporting your roof

When To Get a Roof Inspection

We recommend you inspect your roof every six months. You should also get a professional inspection once every two years after a major storm. Remember, taking care of your roof can increase the value of your home and keep your family and contents safe.

Consider finance to have your roofing project done sooner than later. You can use this handy calculator to work out your repayments easily.

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