Do you restore your roof or replace it?

It goes without saying that your roof protects you and your items from the elements. As it its important role, it’s crucial to carry out periodic inspections from the inside out.  This is especially true if you have an older roof or after a severe storm.

We’ve created a guide to help you identify the condition of your roof, and whether you need to repair, restore or replace it. After 97 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at identifying troublesome roofing issues.

If You Have a Concrete Tiled Roof

The first thing to look for is any broken roof tiles. Roof tiles are like a protective shell and function as your first line of defense. Ensuring structural integrity protects you and your home contents but broken roof tiles won’t keep your home water tight.

If you notice any broken tiles, contact a licensed and insured roofing company (like us). Don’t delay – replace your broken tiles today. If you don’t carry out regular inspections, the damage may go unnoticed. This always leads to bigger issues.

Uninvited Visitors & Water Damage

These areas also act as potential entry points for animals and water. Don’t let water penetrate the underlying layers of the roof, creating water spots on the ceiling, fascia or eaves. If caught early with minimal damage, a simple flashing repair in the faulty area will suffice.

All Roof Types

Other cases that warrant repair for any roof type would be:

  • sagging roof and gutters
  • pooling water on your roof
  • damaged eaves
  • cracked flashing
  • or recent accumulation of rainwater inside your roof.

Roof Replacements

Has your roof suffered damage from the heat, rainstorms or heavy winds? If so, its time for a replacement. If you need to replace your roof, there are several different options to choose from:

Colorbond Roof Replacement – Known to increase street appeal and the value of your home. A Colorbond roof not only looks great, but also comes with BlueScope Steel offers a warranty. That’s 36 years of protection from the date of installation against corrosion. The warranty also covers perforation by weather in the natural elements for:

– Colorbond® Stainless

– Ultra or

– Metallic steel.

Light Weight Roof Replacement

Colorbond® roofing weighs a 1/10th of concrete tile roofing. This reduces the load on the supporting roof frame and is less complex. Less weight and complexity means lower installation costs.

Tough Enough For a Bush Fire

Colorbond® roofing is non-combustible and easier to seal than corrugated metal sheets against flying embers and burning ash.

Free Roof Replacement and Restoration Quotes

Your roof plays an important role in protecting you and your home from the outside elements. We recommend you contact a roofing company to inspect your roof as it ages. An early assessment will may save your roof. We’ll inform you whether it can be repaired or needs to be restored or whether it is too late and the roof needs to be replaced.

It is recommended that you get 2-3 estimates that include the scope of work and a breakdown of charges.  Most importantly, do not try to fix it yourself. When it comes to maintaining your investment, the smartest money you spend could be on a roof restoration or replacement.

We encourage you to shop around because we know our workmanship and after care service is second to none.

Consider finance to have your roofing project done sooner than later. You can use this handy calculator to work out your repayments easily.

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