Rendering your house will improve the look and value

Rendering your home will aesthetically improve the look and significantly increase the value of your home.

If you have wondered how to render a wall or where to start, we have some options for you. Depending on your needs or budget we can offer one of two packages.

Render transformation – Our 4 coat rendering system is a great investment as it will not only modernise your home achieving the look and finishes of current trends but also improve its insulation properties. Depending on the look you are after we can render the front façade of your home or the all the walls as well as assist you will a range of colour choices.  Alternatively our…

Façade transformation – This includes one on one consultation and design to completely transform the look of your home. Our highly skilled carpenters, roofers and renderers can easily alter your roof line, add a portico to an ugly duckling and turn it the dream home you’ve always wanted without the cost of moving.

This house has had a complete face lift. Roof and Render, restored the tiled roof in a slate grey colour and fully render the front of the house in a grey sandstone.

Render wall coating systems - Our point of difference

  • We render your walls to your desired finish with 2 coats of render when most renderers only apply 1 coat.
  • We also apply 2 coats of elastomeric membrane coatings while other renderers apply 1 coat of tinted texture render coat.
  • Unlike normal exterior paints, our render wall coating retains its elasticity. This means fine cracks are bridged (covered) resulting in a water proofing membrane that protects your walls from water seepage. Additionally, our render wall coating is also heat reflective, reflecting up to 50% of solar heat. All of our render wall coating products are insulating so that you will save money on energy bills. Don’t forget, this new heat reflective wall render technology means that dark colours are now cooler than ever before.
  • Our render coating system contains Dirtguard providing excellent resistance to environmental dirt pick up and mould. The result is your rendered exterior wall coating will always look fresh and new.
  • We can apply our exterior wall covering render to many substrates including brick, blue board, foam, Hebel and many more.
  • Your home is a valuable asset and rendering it is a great investment as it will improve not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also the insulation properties adding value to your home.
  • We provide a 10 year warranty on our wall render products and workmanship and employ only the highest licensed and qualified renderers.

Our Adelaide render specialists come to you FREE

Would you like one of our render specialists to come to your location? Our specialist will provide you with a free consultation service to render your home and will work with you to tailor design your façade transformation.

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