There’s a wide variety of roofing materials available to you, providing a plethora of options suitable for the Australian climate. This can make it challenging to know which one is ideal for your home. Each have their advantages and limitations, but take comfort in the fact that Roof & Render SA is here to help you find the perfect roofing material for you, whether it’s for a total replacement or restoration.

Metal roofing materials are one of the most popular options in Australia, due to the fact that they come in an almost limitless variety of colors, different profiles to match your home design, and are easy to maintain. They also offer solid hail and impact resistance, at a competitive price compared to other materials. Today’s metal roofing materials have seen leaps and bounds in innovation compared to the old, noisy, corrugated “tin roofs” that were commonly seen decades ago. They now offer improved insulation with sun reflective coating, which reduces the amount of heat that penetrates your home from the sun. They are offered in aluminum, steel or copper, and are now manufactured to mimic other materials such as wood shake, slate and asphalt shingles. They’re also one of the most environmentally-friendly options, because they can be made up of anywhere between 25% and 95% of recycled content, and are also 100% recyclable at the ending of their life span. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, they are extremely durable, non-combustible, will not rust and are created to last over 50 years. Lower grades may be prone to denting, and while this doesn’t compromise the roof’s structural integrity, it affects the look of your roof.

Colorbond® roofing, a stylish, hardy material made of treated zinc-aluminum, is a high-grade type of metal roofing that is largely responsible for metal roofing’s surge in popularity in Australia. While they’re more expensive than other types of metal roofing, you get what you pay for – it’s offered in both acoustic and thermal insulated profiles, which is estimated to save up to 50% on home cooling costs in the summer (and also reduces the noise of rain in the winter). It’s easily one of the most aesthetically-pleasing options, compared to traditional metal materials, offered in up to 20 designer colours to match your home and garden. Furthermore, while resistant to corrosion and extremely durable, Colorbond® roofing is also very light weight and doesn’t absorb rainwater before runoff, unlike tile roofing. An important consideration if you’re using Colorbond® for a restoration, is that the new paint may not match other faded parts of the roof. So if you’re using Colorbond® for a touch-up, you’ll want to re-paint the entire roof, gutters, downpipes and fascia for a cohesive, complete look that will maximize the street appeal of your home.

Tile roofing is widely used in Australia, both in terracotta (also known as clay) and cement (or concrete). They offer dependable thermal and acoustic insulation, up to 50-year weather resistance warranties and a classic appearance that is hard to replicate. Tile roofing has been used for thousands of years and is easily one of the most long-lasting materials available. However, they require more maintenance and repairs than the latest generation of Colorbond® roofing. In fact, the cost of regular repairs to a tiled roof ends up costing more than the initial cost of a metal roof over their lifespan. And because it’s not seen to be as modern as Colorbond® roofing, they will also undermine the resale value of your home. For these reasons, here at Roof & Render SA we recommend replacing your existing tile roof with metal for the ultimate dependability, value and aesthetic appeal. With 99 years in the trade, we offer unmatched expertise that is sure to leave you extremely satisfied with your roof restoration or replacement.

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